Martini Tag Insights compiles your blog post tags so you can easily see exactly what content themes, people, places and things that generate the most interest with your audience.

Martini Tag Insights makes tag generation easy

Automatically generate tags for your blog and page content with two clicks:

  • Just enter your content
  • Click ‘Generate tags’
  • Then review to make sure you’re happy with them
  • Save your post

Now your page or post is tagged and ready to go!

data has a better idea
content producer

Content producers

A well-tagged blog means great data insights into what people, entities and granular topics that your audience are consuming.

Martini Tag Insights allows you to take a step beyond Google Analytics and to see analytics for topics and entities, rather than just pages.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketers

Whether you are optimising an ecommerce shop or are driving leads via your blog and website, content without tags is leaving money on the table.

By incorporating tagging into your shop or content analysis, you can identify deeper insights about the granular topics that matter to your audience.

In the future, you’ll be able to integrate these with ecommerce and marketing automation platforms to drive further product and content personalisation for users.

Data analyst

Data analysts

Automated content tagging for data science is a job that no data scientist enjoys doing. It’s essentially data entry when you want to do is get in and start analysing!

Let Martini Tag Insights automate this boring, but necessary job so you can get on with analysing data and building predictions.