Current Google Analytics tracking is good, but for content producers, it still isn’t great. Yes, it tells you how popular an existing post is, but it doesn’t tell you what your next post should be about.

Well, we’ve seen this as something missing. Something which can be fixed. Something that can help the thousands of bloggers out there write more engaging content for their audinces.

Does this sound interesting?

Join the Founding Circle

We’re looking for blogs that:

  • Have 50+ published blog posts
  • 2,000+ monthly unique visitors
  • Want to get a better understanding of what onsite topics and elements of posts that resonate with their audience
  • Also want to see what topics are of interest for their audience when their audience is reading content on other websites within the Martini Tag Insights network.
  • Are happy to have regular (weekly/monthly) calls or slack channel participation

You don’t need to be using tags or familiar with what we do. You just need a desire to find out more about what topics your audience are interested in and be willing to help a young startup improve.

Though, if you do want to read up on Martini Tag Insights or watch a simple video, then feel free to do so.

Just drop me an email at sam[at] and we’ll discuss if you’re a good fit for the programme.

What you’ll get

In exchange for this, we will offer you:

  • Those accepted into the founding circle programme will receive free lifetime access to Martini Tag Insights. In the long term, this will become very valuable as the network grows in size.
  • The chance to help forge the next generation of analytics that goes beyond page views. I.e. as well as blog tags, if you want to focus on Advanced Custom Fields or Woocommerce product tags, then you’ll have an influential opportunity to have that included.
  • That warming feeling that you’re helping a young startup get off the ground and that will help many bloggers just like yourself write better, more engaging content for their audiences.

We are going to start this programme small and anticipate a high amount of interest. So make sure you get your email in shortly.

If this interests you, then please get in touch at sam[at]

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

Sam Wiltshire

Passionate digital marketer with an interest in most things sport, especially rugby union, food, booze, tech and music. Just wanting to help small content publishers with getting more content ideas that resonate with their users at scale. My Medium page where I write about more conceptual subjects.