As a digital marketer for a number of years now, I’m well versed in Google Analytics and other analytics tools out there.

However, when I was managing a blog for a previous employer, I noticed that there was something missing from the analysis tools out there.

There was a need for a tool that gave granular data about what topics – not pages – were the most popular across the site that I was managing. Then how that data could be combined with relevant trending or market data so I could get much better data-driven blog content about what to write for my audience.

What is Martini Tag Insights?

It’s a plugin that generates tag recommendations for blog posts then allows you to analyse how popular those tags are over time.

The plugin is now available in an initial beta release, so please bear with us whilst we iron out any bugs etc that may pop up. You can browse our currently quite empty knowledgebase or submit your support requests here.

Thank you for your support. As I am sure you’re aware, this is a necessary evil for all new software tools.

Let’s get into some detail:

Automatically generate post tags


Martini Tag Insights generates highly relevant tags in one click.

Once clicked, Martini Tag Insights uses a type of artificial intelligence (AI) called natural language processing (NLP) to analyse your blog post title and contents and then returns these tags into your document > tags field.

You can simply review what was generated, make any additions or subtractions as necessary, then save or publish your post as normal.

It’s as easy as that – no more excuses for not tagging your blog posts!

Analyse your tags

Once your posts have been tagged and they’ve been on show to your readers to consume, you’ll start to build up hits for each tag, not just each page.

This data can then be analysed to see what tagged topics are the most or least popular, or you can become more advanced and use them for clustering to help segment your audience for future content.

Of course, we want to provide you with a much broader suite of analysis tools and subject matter suggestion engine in the future. Please let us know what you’d like to see.

I know what you’re probably thinking though:

Doesn’t Google Analytics do this?

The short answer is not really.

The long answer is yes, Google Analytics is an indispensable for millions of website owners that rely on it to measure the performance of their sites.

But, Google Analytics primarily focuses on pageview events to determine how a user moves around a website. This is supplemented with JavaScript event data to help form an understanding of user behaviour and does the user achieve the goals set by the website owner during their visit.

200626 MTI vs GA

Martini Tag Insights is different in that it looks at the tags applied to each pageview. By decoupling the tagged topic from the pageview, website and blog owners can now see what topics, people, organisations and other tags really resonate with their audience.

Getting started

In order to get set up, just head to the WordPress directory and download our plugin, or alternatively, from within your WordPress admin screen, go to plugins > add new > search > Martini Tag Insights. Then click ‘download’ and ‘activate’.

Then, you’ll need to get an API key from Martini Technology web app. This is so we can process your post content and use natural language processing (NLP) to identify the key subject matter and entities. We also use it for processing so we can present it back to you in an easy to digest format. In the future, you’ll have a wider suite of analytics tools available here.

The future, you ask?

Three things are for certain:

  • Martini Tag Insights will always have a free plugin level that will have meaningful tools to help website owners and bloggers analyse their content and to generate better performing content ideas.
  • The plugin will be 100% free whilst in beta, even any future paid-for features.
  • We will always seek input into what you want to see as part of Martini Tag Insights.

There is plenty on our roadmap. We have all sorts of analytics tools and integration tools that we believe would make bloggers’ lives easier, but we cannot do it without you.

Let us know at @MartiniTechnol your thoughts on the plugin.

Sam Wiltshire

Passionate digital marketer with an interest in most things sport, especially rugby union, food, booze, tech and music. Just wanting to help small content publishers with getting more content ideas that resonate with their users at scale. My Medium page where I write about more conceptual subjects.