After years of blogging and seeing many suggested ways of finding additional content ideas, I thought there should be a better way of discovering insights into what users are interested in.

Of course, there are many suggested ways, though this is more art than science, feel over data, intuition over insight (should I go on?). Normally, this approach brings some, but not huge amounts of success.

In this day and age of artificial intelligence and big data, I thought there was a way that this can be opened up to small businesses, individual bloggers, hobbyists and the like.

A better way

As an editor of a pretty dry B2B blog that had ‘higher ups’ want to continually get us to post useless promotional content, I tried to find ways to really get an idea of what content was resonating with users vs content that no one cared about.

I was trying to brief content for a company that shouldn’t exist, and I didn’t want to repeat the same tired corporate messages. Instead, I wanted to try and garner insights into what our audience liked and didn’t like about our blog content.

This got me thinking, I know we had some reasonably popular posts and plenty of ones that sucked.

Would there be a way of seeing exactly what subject matter within a post was popular and what wasn’t – not just on my site, but on others as well?

I was looking for something deeper than GA, something that gave much more insight into actual granular topics, people and things.

Now, if you could – anonymously – get this data for other sites that your users read, then you could really understand what topic matter is of interest to them. Then you’d have a much greater arsenal of topic matter to build into your blog’s content plans in the future.

Enter Martini Tag Insights

Martini Tag Insights is the name of this plugin, designed to allow publishers, marketers and analysts to much more easily tag their data and get granular insights into what exact topics, people and things that drive audience interest.

Right now it is a WordPress plugin only, but we envisage that this will soon be available for websites and blogs regardless of what CMS they are using, if any.

If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to get in contact or contact us on Twitter.

Oh, and why ‘Martini’?

Martinis and cocktails, in general, are delicious. A great cocktail is a marriage of different flavours, with different techniques, presentation methods, garnishes etc, similar to what a good blog is – take different raw ingredients and turn them into something that our audience will love!

So why not name a tech company after the delicious and classic cocktail?

Sam Wiltshire

Passionate digital marketer with an interest in most things sport, especially rugby union, food, booze, tech and music. Just wanting to help small content publishers with getting more content ideas that resonate with their users at scale. My Medium page where I write about more conceptual subjects.