Blogging is a great way to express yourself to a broad audience. If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, the current lockdown situation could be the time!

So we’ve compiled 5 niche blog ideas, so if you are good at telling stories and conveying information, then you can start a blog and see how this fantastic medium help you reach people.

You can create new opportunities for yourself through blogging in the same way. You can use blogging to share your experiences or views with people, to discuss different products or to impart information.

However, one challenge with blogging is that it’s become quite commonplace. Because so many people have a blog these days, it can be hard for you to stand out amongst the crowd.

A great way around this is by blogging about something that is relatively niche but of interest to others. Finding your niche can be tough, but it is the best way to get your work seen by others and to build up a following of likeminded people. Here are five ideas for potential blogging niches.

1. Yoga at home

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Given the current global climate, people are looking for activities that they can do in the comfort of their own homes- especially activities that emphasise health and wellness.

Given how yoga has exploded in popularity in recent years, blogging about resources you can use to practice yoga at home is almost guaranteed to be of great interest to many people.

If you want to use blogging as a way to review products, then there are a whole host of yoga products and tools that would also be of great interest to yoga practitioners.

You might also like to review yoga programmes or instructional resources as a way to show beginners to yoga the best support they can use to learn yoga at home.

Depending on your level of yoga expertise, you could also use your blog to teach beginners yoga techniques or to give them advice on starting to learn yoga.

2. Vegan lifestyle

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Veganism is on the rise, and more people than ever before have chosen to eliminate animal products from their diet. This makes veganism a fantastic niche to get involved with in some way.

While many people nowadays are choosing to become vegan, others are interested in merely limiting the number of animal products they consume or use to an extent.

By sharing this information in your blog, you can make it easier for people to change their lifestyle if they are interested in doing so. As such, you could blog about cooking ideas for vegan recipes.

You could write about alternatives to animal products to use in cooking, clothing, or cosmetics.

Your blog could be about ways to eliminate animal products from your lifestyle altogether, or about how to limit your use of animal products.

You could also choose to address some of the reasons that people want to limit their use of animal products, and some of the potential benefits of doing so.

3. Sustainable fashion

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So-called ‘fast fashion’ brands account for a considerable part of the fashion industry today, but they are not the only brands out there.

Some people are concerned about the environmental impact of fast fashion, and the potentially unethical ways that many fast fashion brands operate and manufacture their clothes. This has caused many people to become interested in finding more sustainable brands to purchase their clothes from.

Fashion is quite an easy niche, in general, to write about and blog about.

There are so many brands and different styles you can write about, even if you focus exclusively on sustainable brands.

You could choose to narrow the niche down further, and blog about a particular style of clothing (for example, sustainable wool clothing).

You could also choose to use your blog to review different articles of clothing or brands, or perhaps rate the sustainability of different brands based on a range of criteria (for example, their manufacturing practices, sources, etc.).

4. Learning new skills and hobbies at home 

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As a consequence of the COVID-19 situation, many people spend most of their time at home, even when they aren’t working.

For many, this is a great opportunity to develop one’s skills, or start learning new ones.

Learning a new skill or hobby can be a fantastic way to productively use your time on something that can benefit you directly in some way.

If you want to blog about new skills, you could give people ideas of what to learn.

You could also focus on a particular skill and give people advice and guidance on how they can go about learning this skill, especially at home. For example, if you are passionate about learning languages, you could give people advice on learning languages at home (they can find a Skype tutor, read books, try programs for self-teaching languages, etc).

You can explain the benefits of learning particular skills and which opportunities they can provide.

5. Pet supplies 

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For many of us, pets are as big a part of our family as our parents and children. We want the best for our pets, and a big part of this is by giving them the best possible food and supplies possible.

There’s a huge range of pet supplies available, which can make it confusing for people to choose the right brand for them. This is why it’s a great niche to blog in, as there’s a lot of ground to cover and it’s also something that people are emotionally invested in.

You could blog about supplies for particular breeds or types of pet (e.g. the best types of food for dogs with wiry coats).

Your blog could also include ways to incorporate certain pet supplies into your lifestyle. For example, you could discuss different equipment you can use to train horses and the benefits and potential drawbacks of different products.

If you want to narrow the niche down further, you could choose to focus on one particular pet and only discuss supplies related to that pet.

Pick the niche blog idea that works for you

These are some great niches to blog about. But what matters is what will keep you interested over time.

As a blogging beginner, it can be challenging to know what to write about and how to write. By choosing a niche where you have a lot of ground to cover, you can make it much easier for yourself to write a blog that is compelling and interesting to people.

When you write a blog that is interesting and useful to people, it can be almost effortless to amass a following.

You can use your blog to tell stories, discuss interests of interest to you or share information with people that you think can help them. 

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